La Cumbrecita

  • Tour price in Spanish: AR$ 480
  • Tour price in English: AR$ 530
  • Transport: Nativo Trafics
  • Duration: 10 hs

We leave Córdoba on RP 5. We pass by the monument of Miryam Stefford, Alta Gracia, Anisacate, La Bolsa and Villa Ciudad de América. Continuing the trip we cross four rivers which are tributaries for the lake Los Molinos, we pass the localities Potrero de Garay and Los Reartes, from there we ascend to the Sierras Grandes, going through a picturesque region of coniferous forests. We cross Villa Berna and arrive at La Cumbrecita, a hamlet in alpine style, which has the particularity being one of the few pedestrian villages worldwide. We visit the spa of La Olla, the traditional hotel La Cumbrecita, the chapel ecumenical, etc. Afterwards we get to know Villa General Belgrano, with its partly centraleuropean townscape. We take up the way back on RP 5 passing the road “Curva del Viento”, and enjoy a great panoramic view over the lake and dike of Los Molinos, and set off for our return to Córdoba. Video

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